How To Design A Logo For A Brand

Designing a logo is by far the most interesting project for a graphic designer. It is a challenging task because it is part of an organization’s brand building effort. Branding refers to not only the perceived image, but also the subsequent emotional response to the company and their products and services. The aim of this post is to briefly describe the process in creating a logo for your brand.

Step #1: Research, Vision and Design Brief

Thorough research depending on the company’s size and vision is essential. This is the most important part as far as the overall development process is concerned. Some of the aspects to be considered in this phase are:

  • Market perception of your company vis-a-vis competitors
  • Your brand’s positioning statement
  • Heritage of your products
  • Your target audience
  • Values and beliefs of the brand
  • Brand benefits you want clients to relate to

The design brief would consist of the research phase summaries such as target audience, values, mission statement, messaging objectives, product and/or service offerings of the brand, budget, project schedule, file formats and other practical needs.

Step #2: Logo and Identity System

After preparing the design brief, the next step is to design the brand logo. The logo design can be started in many ways. Often designers start by sketching a number of designs on paper. This process, putting concepts on paper and iterating on the ideas, often unlocks new directions for arriving at final solutions. Designers then select a few of their best sketches iterate on them digitally.

The work on the identity system is generally started after the logo has been created. This is to form a visual language around your logo with a view to compliment the design thinking and offering elements for designing the business and marketing collateral.

Step #3: Acing the Typography

Typography does not mean using words in fancy colors and shape. It makes a simple design attractive or eye catching. This involves choosing the right typeface and customizing it. You can also use a prevailing typeface. If a custom typeface is opted for, it must be simple, but common words can be used for creating a stylish outlook. It is always better to avoid gimmicky fonts. The typeface used should complement the brand. The persona for the logo is decided on the basis of the niche area in which you operate. Finally, make sensible use of the space surrounding your logo.

The design should not be overdone. It is important to keep it simple and just use two fonts. The last step is filling in the colors. Till the last step, designers often work using black and white. As most business owners want one color of their own liking, graphic designers would always check with them before adding colors to the logo. Finally, the design has to be made future proof.

Step #4: Presentation

The final step in the brand logo design process is making the presentation and finalizing the design in all respects.

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