92 West’s Office Space… It takes time.

As with all things great… creating an office space that reflects your creative endeavors takes time. We here at 92 West are proud that bit-by-bit our space is becoming more and more like the home that we want it to be. After a late night of working, Jamie and I took some quick shots of the office and wanted to share. Unfortunately our lovely Shonna and cowboy Tom were not available… it’s like they want time off or something... 🙂

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the few photos below and I wish you all the best on this brisk Thursday morning!

92 West :: Design with Impact :: Marketing and Advertising :: Omaha, Nebraska

92 West :: Design with Impact

Tom's Office

Tom Luke's Office :: Sales and Marketing

Marketing and Advertising :: Omaha, Nebraska

Eye Candy for Tom's Office

SEO Expert :: Jamie Kadavy :: 92 West

SEO Expert :: Jamie Kadavy :: Late Night at 92 West

92 West :: Creative Director :: Troy Kadavy :: Omaha, Nebraska

Late Night at 92 West's Office - New Monitors On the Way 🙂

92 West :: Design with Impact :: Marketing and Advertising :: Omaha, Nebraska

Complex Common Area - That sign took a whole Sunday to Finish

Our Shared Conference Room :: Quite Lovely

92 West's Shared Conference Room

Another look at the shared conference room. Alwasy a busy place 🙂

The kitchen. Fridge, Microwave, Dishes, Two Coffee Pots...

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