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Certified Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Yes.  It’s true.  We have it. You want. A search engine optimization (SEO) specialist who is certified in doing those geeky things that you don’t want to do but need.  Who is he you ask… our own Jamie Kadavy.  He’s savvy.  He’s smart… and even better… he knows how to get you ranked higher!

Search Engine Optimization Specialist Omaha, Nebraska Advertising Agency

Search Engine Optimization Specialist | Jamie Kadavy

What 92 West can do for your SEO needs:

92 West will provide you with a Top Ten Ranking Report. Our 60+ page report will generate a Top 10 Ranking Requirement Score for your website based on  your requested keyword/key phrase. The highest score is a 100% which is required to be in the top 10 results for a specific search term. As we make the provided changes to your website, you will see your score go up, along with your rankings. We also can do all of the editing for you on your companies website based on future SEO reports or SEM (search engine marketing) needs.  (Honestly… search Google for Omaha advertising…. guess who is number one.. that’s right… 92 West)

SEO??? How about Social Networking

Social Networking is important because it gives your company Recognition, a chance to build more relationships online and provides more
Resources. Social networking is also a proven method of getting easy referrals and the more social networks your company is involved with, search engines see your company as more important and will rank you higher. (Gotta love that SEO standpoint)

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