92 West Wins DesignFirms.org Web Award for Our Efforts with Capes Coaching

As always, 92 West is proud to know that our work continues to generate results and recognition for our design and creativity as well as our clients ingenuity to create and go outside the standard boarders of the “box”. Please look below for our scoring criteria and for more information on Capes Coaching visit their website at http://www.capesco.com.

DesignFirms Web Award for 2007 - 2008



Title of Site: Capes Coaching
Site URL: http://www.capesco.com
Designer Name: 92 West
Designer Website: http://www.92west.com


27 points = Creativity  & Design
24 points = Programming & Compatibily
28 points = Ease of use & Effectiveness

Capes Coaching's web site received a score of: 79 out of a possible 99 points

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